From our house at sunset

From our house at sunset
Mountain of God - from vZ's mountain house

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Renewed Vows - 30 Years Later!

30 years ago
If you looked at the odds
A challenging romance
Was noted by parental nods

Differences, we had quite a few
Sharp contrasts in personality
Most everyone knew.

You’re rational
I’m emotional

You’re frugal
I’m a spender

You’re a planner
I’m spontaneous

You’re focused
I’m fickle

You’re diplomatic
I’m outspoken

You crave value
I adore ambiance

You love classical
I rock to Middle Eastern

You are order
I am chaos

To this day they remain
And by magic it seems
We’re still together
Along with our dreams.

Your wisdom and kindness
Keep me in awe
Your love and integrity
Honors eternal law.

Your gentleness and patience
Saved my life
Not just once
Maybe more than twice.

As we continue our journey
From this moment on
Let’s treasure each other
As every day dawns.

We’ll be happy and proud
When we reach the end
Of our footsteps together
Lovers, lifesavers, parents

And forever best friends.

I love and respect you
And can’t wait
For the rest of our adventure together

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